Neighborhood Spotlight #1: HIGHLAND PARK

Highland Park stands as a testament to the power of preservation and community pride.  It was originally envisioned as a streetcar suburb in the late 19th century which evolved into a charming residential area attracting residents, merchants, professionals, and artists alike.

The neighborhood’s architectural diversity  featuring Victorian, Craftsman, Tudor, and Colonial Revival homes has become a major draw for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in its rich historical background. Beyond its stunning structures, Highland Park boasts abundant green spaces and parks, with the eponymous park serving as a focal point for locals to gather, play, and relax. The area’s sense of community spirit is palpable when they actively participate in events and initiatives to maintain the unique character of their neighborhood. Furthermore, this city has become a haven for artists and creatives who are contributing to its vibrant cultural landscape with numerous art galleries, studios and street murals. Culinary enthusiasts will definitely find delight in the area as it offers a diverse array of charming cafes, trendy bistros and restaurants serving up delectable local and international cuisines like Public House Restaurant in Market St where they have the best Peanut Butter Pie.

Overall, its capacity to embrace contemporary growth and culture is a true testament to its enduring charm. Whether you’re drawn to the area’s structural integrity, serene surroundings, art scene or mouthwatering dishes, a visit to Highland Park is sure to leave a lasting impression and an irresistible invitation to return to this cherished historic neighborhood in Chattanooga.

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