Discover The Wrkt: Chattanooga’s Premier Pilates Studio

The newest gem in Chattanooga’s fitness landscape is finally here! Offering a reinvigorating Pilates experience like no other. The studio combines modernity with tradition while empowering both beginners and seasoned practitioners to transform their minds and bodies. Led by their passionate instructors, TheWRKTChattanooga provides state-of-the-art equipment and dynamic workouts with reasonable prices for the Mega, Reformer and Tower. These methods are all guaranteed safe and tailored to your individual needs. 

Megaformer is used with the Lagree method which is a 45-minute high-intensity workout. It will challenge your core while applying tension. Its alternating high-intensity and low-impact movements will surely tighten, strengthen, and tone your muscles.

Key Benefits:

– Strengthening of accessory muscles

– Improved balance and stability

– Toning and increased muscle definition

– Stronger and more defined abdominal muscles

Reformer uses a carriage with spring resistance through a series of movements that requires focused breath-work in establishing a mind-muscle connection.


Key Benefits:

– Development of a strong core, flat abdominals, and a strong back

– Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility

– Create even anatomical alignment, rehabilitate, and prevent injuries

Tower is performed on a machine with several bars, springs and resistance apparatus. It differs in terms of movement compared to the first two methods as it stays closest to the mat for stability.


Key Benefits:

– Strength building

– Improved flexibility

– Improved muscular endurance

– Improved balance in posture and muscle development

To know more about these workouts, you may read their FAQs or get in touch with them here.


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