Neighborhood Spotlight #3: EAST RIDGE

Since 1922, East Ridge has remarkably transformed from a rural farming area with dirt roads to having few modern conveniences like electricity, water lines and telephones which ushered the start of its residential and commercial development. After the world war era, it became one of the fastest growing cities in the US having welcomed several establishments like Kingwood Pharmacy, Cascade Motel and the first ever open-air shopping mall in Tennessee. Despite the challenges, the city continued to flourish with three more hotels, the East Ridge Shopping Center, East Ridge General Hospital and the biggest project of them all was the 173-acre Crow Farm which later became Camp Jordan Park, home to the arena, amphitheater and countless recreational activities.

Over the next three decades, the real estate market has noticeably changed. Housing landscape showcases a range of architectural styles from Craftsman bungalows to mid-century ranch-style homes, duplex properties and luxury townhomes all at affordable prices. This captivating locale also features a blend of Southern comfort taste and international flair that is too hard to resist. Like the Southern Star, known for its authentic dishes from crispy fried chicken, buttery biscuits to savory collard greens and smoked pork chop. 

As a tight-knit community, they thrive on events from seasonal festivals to engaging traditions that embrace diversity, unity and sense of belonging. So, prepare to receive a warm welcome and bank on wonderful experiences this neighborhood has to offer – where every facet tells a story of history, flavor and community spirit.

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