New Restaurant In Town #2:  ELSIE’S DAUGHTER

Elsie’s Daughter emerges as a delightful venture brought to life by the creative minds of Chloe Wright and Ryan Smith, the culinary power couple behind the renowned establishment, The Rosecomb. Their newest creation combines Appalachian tastes and French casual style cuisine. This gastronomic haven promises food enthusiasts seeking a unique and unforgettable dining experience, a perfect reflection of their commitment to honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Enlisting the help of Chris Greer, as their executive chef, its meticulously curated menu will feature dishes like tartars, oysters, bone marrow, smoked trout, and exquisite salads using locally sourced ingredients. Classic Martinis, French apéritifs, digestifs, bubbles and a selection of other cocktails will also be available to compliment these food offerings.

Tucker Build and Trestle Studio is working closely with the owners to revamp the area including an outdoor patio garden that is perfect for hanging out and chillin’ with family and friends. The dining area and mini bar will have multiple entrances opening to both Station Street and The Hotel Chalet, making the space conducive to all guests.

Be sure to keep tabs on this exciting restaurant by following their Instagram page. See you at the grand opening this fall. 

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