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Rescuing animals in Chattanooga requires a combination of compassion, caution, and knowledge. While your heart may drive you to help, it’s important to prioritize the well-being of the animals and your safety. By knowing who to call and how to provide assistance responsibly, you can contribute to the preservation of the city’s remarkable wildlife and ensure that these creatures continue to grace our beautiful landscapes for generations to come. Whether they are stray or animals in the wild, they all deserve a chance to live in a safe environment and people who will love and care for them. Below are a compilation of local rescues and rehabilitation resources for your future reference.



Marshall Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservancy

2606 Corral Rd.


specializing in eastern gray squirrels and eastern cottontail rabbit
text the following details 

Chattanooga Zoo

301 N. Holtzclaw Ave.

423-697-1322 ext. 5704 
zoo does not currently retrieve the animals
coordinate dropping the creature off
For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue7907 Hamilton Mill Dr.1-855-252-9683skunks, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, reptiles, and amphibians
Happinest Wildlife Rescue
920 Glamis Cir.

423-665-WILD 423-520-NEST
report all sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife 
read their safety guidelines
Camp Wildernest Wildlife Center, Inc.9122 Hundley Rd.423-593-3932 fill out Intake Form with complete details 
Opie AcresNear Bonny Oaks Drive423-255-6460focuses on helping orphaned and injured opossums



McKamey Animal Center

4500 N. Access Rd.
423-305-6500 ext. 1 

423-305-6500 ext. 3 

Animal Protection Team

find a stray or lost pet

able to turn over certain wildlife to a local rehabilitation center 
Humane Educational Society4155 Randolph Cir.423-624-5302find a stray or report animal negligence
Trooper’s Treasures2290 Gunbarrel Rd. 423-212-3116dog rescues
East Ridge Animal Services1015 Yale St.423-633-7774find a stray or lost animal in the East Ridge area

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