FIT4MOM Free Fitness Classes

FIT4MOM Chattanooga is celebrating their 7th anniversary. The community-driven organization has been a steadfast companion through the challenges and joys of motherhood putting emphasis on core values such as love, inspiration, inclusivity, positivity, authenticity, and the profound ripple effect of these actions.

This week promises a vibrant celebration, open to all, that encapsulates the essence of their shared journey. Running from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning, they offer a diverse array of classes and activities that includes full-body workouts, heart-pumping sessions, or strength-focused programs plus a chance to connect, establish friendships and promote empowerment.

To make this event even more memorable, they have partnered with seven local businesses for exciting giveaways and a chance to get a brand new Bob jogging stroller to show their  appreciation for the remarkable support of the community throughout the years.

Here is a  teaser of what is in-stored for you:

SEPTEMBER 10 – 15 [Sunday-Friday]

Come to a full 7 classes and get a surprise just for you*

Goodies from 7 local businesses

Chance to win a 7-month All Access membership*

For the full schedule line-up, please sign up here.

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