Realtor Safety Month: Cyber Security

In today’s rapidly digitizing real estate landscape, the industry is confronting a growing concern about a new frontier of vulnerabilities as they move towards technological advancements. Local Board of Realtors President and Keller Williams East Brainerd Managing Broker, Steven Sharpe, shares his thoughts about the rampant fraudulent acts in cyber security especially in real estate agencies.

Hackers have found their way into the business by exploiting email susceptibility, clickable links, opening attachments and weak password management. He also mentioned valuable tips for bolstering digital defenses such as keeping operating systems up to date, reviewing social media privacy settings, using strong and unique  login credentials, and practicing caution when sending sensitive information via email. 

Another issue that deserves attention is the prevalence of rental scams in which properties are falsely advertised for lease on online platforms. As you approach the closing date of your transaction, be wary of wiring instructions that change at the last minute and are sent thru email. Always verify by calling the title company using a known contact number before transferring funds or better yet meet them in person. As realtors, they prioritize the safety and security of their customers by underscoring the relevance of raising awareness and by being proactive in thwarting cyber threats effectively.

By enhancing and adopting these changes, the real estate sector can fortify its defenses and protect both professionals and clients from the ever-present dangers of cyber fraud in the digital era.

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