Bootleg Bash Highlights

A weekend spent on Bootleg Bash was more than what people have expected – with tons of food, drinks, music and an armload of history to discover. Despite a brief storm that momentarily dampened the day, it quickly rebounded, leaving attendees with an unforgettable experience. Kicking off the festivities with the enchanting melodies of Lou Wamp and the Bluetastics, a bluegrass band that set the perfect tone with their lively tunes and infectious energy. However, the best part was the chance to delve into the rich history of whiskey-making, with the Uncle Nearest tent sharing how he played a pivotal role in teaching Jack Daniels the art of crafting whiskey. Then there’s the Green Briar Tent, they used an old truck to convert into a mobile bar, which served drinks straight from the back. It  turned out to be not just a journey through time but a celebration of heritage and a testament to how history greatly affects our present and future. 

You should drop by next time!

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