Vision Plan For Montague Park

After years of seeing many iterations and proposed vision plans, Montague Park will finally undergo a transformative journey that is set to elevate Chattanooga’s largest downtown park into a dynamic, accessible, and unified public space. Divided into key focus areas, it will showcase a harmonious blend of nature and art, with arboretum-like settings and sculptural stages for community events. Central to its theme, expanded facilities will also include artificial playfields to ensure inclusivity and local engagement. The Heart and The Community Front Porch areas, on the other hand, will offer immersive experiences serving as welcoming gateways to foster exploration and connections for activities, market spaces, pavilions and trails.

With an estimated cost of $80-$100 million, three organizations gave their full support and funding to make this project happen. This is more than just an urban development initiative; it signifies creativity and a community’s dream taking shape.

Stay tuned to their website for updates and witness the evolution of this park to a hub for entertainment, sports, and communal activities—a space where Chattanooga’s unique identity thrives.

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