Always Choose Happiness

The pursuit of constant growth often overshadows the essential elements of a fulfilling life: happiness, love, and spiritual connectedness. In this article, it highlights the prevalent hustle culture with emphasis on the detrimental impact it has on our well-being. Contrary to the common belief that success leads to happiness, it is arguably a prerequisite for success. In a research study, they have explored the adverse effects of overworking on mental and physical health and advocate for a shift in focus from the relentless pursuit of ambition to prioritizing one’s happiness by redirecting to something positive.

Emotional reactions to specific events, ongoing emotional state based on personal choices, and reflection on life decisions and aspirations are the three dimensions of happiness. It underlines that genuine success lies in embracing joy, nurturing meaningful relationships, and living a life aligned with an individual’s values. In hindsight, it simply tells us that happiness should always be chosen over hustle.

We are prompted to reconsider what is important for us and challenge the notion that constant work leads to fulfillment. Preferring happiness is not just a goal but an achievable reality that will enrich our lives with purpose and contentment.

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