Value Matrix

In modern marketing, scalability and cost-cutting are the essence of tangible value that can sometimes be lost. This issue is precisely what the Value Matrix attempts to address by sorting marketing efforts into various quadrants. With most strategies, embracing low-cost touches and watching businesses thrive is paramount in building trust and cultivating lasting client relationships. Discovering these blueprints can elevate one’s marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

According to Jay Papasan, you should explore the right side of the matrix that has high value database offerings. You can try some of his innovative ideas to cater to your client’s essential needs which will definitely set you apart from your competitors.

  1. Shredding Party – Everyone has old tax returns and documents they know they should shred. But they don’t own a shredder. For the price of a high-capacity shredder, you can offer this service to your clients annually.
  2. Junk Removal – Hire a crew to go to your clients’ homes and haul off old lawn furniture and unwanted junk. With a little extra planning, you can offer to take old paint cans and batteries to the local environmental disposal center. Everyone has old paint cans haunting their garage. A fringe benefit is that many people start decluttering because they are considering selling. Maybe they need help with that too!  
  3. Free Branded Yard Bags – Give these away and your brand will be on display whenever your clients rake the leaves or bag the grass. 
  4. Family Photos – Hire a professional photographer for your next event and offer free family portraits. This works best at seasonal events like graduations, pumpkin patches, and holiday celebrations. 
  5. Home Photos – If you live up North, consider offering home photos in the spring when the garden is in full bloom. New Jersey agent Sue Adler offers this service “just in case they decide to sell over the winter.” Why not capture those listing photos early when the home looks its best? 
  6. Free Classes – Want to dominate your pickleball league but don’t want to pay for lessons? Join the club. With this offering, you, and your clients level up your game (and it’s a write-off.) 
  7. Home Care – You can offer outdoor window cleaning, batteries for smoke detectors, replacement AC filters, and gutter cleaning. 
  8. Property Tax Help – In Texas, battling property tax appraisals is an annual fixture on the value offering calendar. It’s particularly valuable in states where sold data is private.

Remember, in the realm of true value, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. So, stand out and be valuable!

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