What are Top Agents Doing in 2023?

Lead generation remains the cornerstone of a successful business. The methods agents use to generate leads are as varied as the properties they sell, evolving in response to market shifts and technological advancements. To shed light on the latest industry trends, KellerINK and the Keller Williams Research Team conducted a comprehensive survey in July, tapping into the insights of hundreds of top agents. The results revealed intriguing patterns which highlighted the strategies adopted by agents to thrive in 2023.

Traditionally, they adhered to the Rule of Four – emphasizing four primary lead generation sources. However, the recent survey unveiled a significant change in focus. They have narrowed their strategies down to three main sources: 

1. Past client referrals

2. Repeat clients

3. Database referrals

Over 50 percent of solo agents believed that the quality of leads remained consistent. Some attributed their success to community involvement and personal relationships with face-to-face interactions. In contrast, team members experienced alteration in lead quality, with some finding optimism from platforms like Google Reviews, while others have encountered market pressures, decreased motivation and extended timelines.

Despite instability, they continue to prioritize building relationships, leveraging databases effectively, and staying updated on the latest trends. By adapting to these different approaches while upholding their core principles, real estate professionals can still thrive in this competitive industry.

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