Restaurant Spotlight #2: ERNEST CHINESE

Chattanooga’s dining scene has witnessed a remarkable transformation as the iconic Flying Squirrel makes way for Ernest Chinese. The name “Ernest” pays homage to Dan‘s cat, who served as the mascot for their restaurant and its sister business, The Crash Pad.

Co-owners Max Poppel and Dan Rose’s vision to focus on a singular concept has given birth to an American Chinese restaurant that promises a fresh take on classic dishes. Chef Brett Jeffrey Norton, at the helm of the kitchen, infuses creativity and tradition by incorporating the “breath of the wok” technique and Sichuan peppercorn into the menu.

Situated at 55 Johnson Street, it is now open seven days a week from 5:00 PM onwards.  They are offering a walk-in, dine-in experience only with a full-service bar, providing patrons with an array of beverages, including specialty cocktails curated to pair seamlessly with the dishes.

Early favorites like Mongolian beef, Gong Bao chicken (a Sichuan dish), Egg drop soup, Shanghai Sour and Hong Kong Highball showcases the culinary innovation while catering to a broad range of preferences and its commitment to diverse price points.

Come and try this delightful experience that you will surely savor at every bite.

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