Reverse Planning: Goal Setting to the Now

The concept of Goal Setting to the Now (GSTTN) as a practical approach to achieving extraordinary success was inspired by an amusing preschool anecdote about contextual behavior wherein it emphasizes the challenge of aligning present actions with distant goals. This method is the feasible answer to Dr. Covey’s call to “begin with the end in mind.” It involves reverse planning in seven steps which is rooted in one’s purpose and values. The key is to think big – to envision being the top producer in your market, a best-selling author, or performing at Carnegie Hall.

Someday Goal: Envision an extraordinary future goal.

Five-Year Goal: Determine the one thing to achieve in five years to be on track for the someday goal.

One-Year Goal: Base the one-year goal on the five-year goal.

Monthly Goal: Break down the one-year goal into achievable monthly targets.

Weekly Goal: Derive the weekly goal from the monthly targets.

Daily Goal: Identify the daily actions needed to achieve the weekly goal.

Now: Continuously ask, “What’s my ONE Thing right now?” to stay on track.

The methodology ensures that annual goals become meaningful milestones on the journey towards larger destinations, preventing the pursuit of quick wins that may divert from the ultimate objective. As we set sail into 2024, let us be deliberate in charting our course, making each goal a meaningful waypoint on our strategic path to success.

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