Must-try Adventure Activities In Chattanooga

Inspired by “The 12 Best Casual Adventures in Chattanooga”, we made a list just for you. What sets our little slice of Southern heaven apart from others is the feeling of wanderlust you will get from all our parks, trails, mountains and outdoor adventures. Come and discover why we just can’t get enough of Chattanooga.

Descend into the heart of Lookout Mountain to witness the stunning 145-foot underground Ruby Falls. Chattanooga Sunday Market promises a lively atmosphere with local artisans, delicious treats and live performances. Meanwhile, history enthusiasts can journey back in time aboard vintage trains with the Tennessee Valley Railroad or test your climbing skills at High Point Climbing and Fitness. For a unique perspective of the city, do try stand-up paddle boarding on the serene Tennessee River.

As dusk falls, people can embark on a ghost hunting tour to uncover the city’s chilling history or take a Chattanooga Duck Tour which offers a one-of-a-kind sightseeing adventure on land and water with their amphibious vehicles. Lastly, for a touch of wilderness, Stringers Ridge Park invites hikers and bikers to explore its 92-acre urban sanctuary with rolling hills and short steep slopes. Whether you are seeking tranquility or thrills, Chattanooga caters to all with its diverse range of casual adventures that will definitely make your visit a memorable one. 

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