Development around the New Lookouts Stadium

The owner of the site that will hold the new Lookouts Stadium is pushing for rezoning that would allow twelve story-high buildings and promote dense growth around the facility. Together with the developers, they have envisioned a vibrant mixed-use area for commercial and residential space that will turn the dilapidated land into a live-work-play district. Despite this setback, the Regional Planning Commission will hear the request next month. 

Since the publication of the initial article, this project has continued to achieve remarkable milestones. The Chestnut Street will serve as a key artery that will unlock its potential by providing pedestrian-friendly pathways, connecting attractions and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. Furthermore, the latest upgrade to the stadium will include a 360-degree concourse around the field, playing area will be 14 ft – 20 ft below grade level for better viewing and more social seating to accommodate an estimated nine thousand patrons.  Comprehensive investment plans have not only revitalized the stadium but also the surrounding district with better transportation networks to facilitate accessibility and  improved infrastructure which enhances the quality of life for all.  

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