Chattanooga Neighborhood Information Page

Chattanooga is pulsating with energy and charm that’s woven into the fabric of its 11 vibrant neighborhoods. Each offering a unique experience for every type of traveler. Starting in the heart of the city,  Downtown is accessible by Carta’s free electric shuttle, bike share, or take a leisurely stroll along its scenic surroundings and relaxing parks.

Cross the river to the North Shore for a culinary adventure, exploring a variety of restaurants and cafes. Southside is a haven for art enthusiasts, with galleries, street art defining the neighborhood’s creative spirit and nightlife. Try your hand at creating your masterpiece and become part of the vibrant artistic community.

For a quieter escape, head to East Brainerd, a suburban oasis offering tranquility and the chance to explore local boutiques. Lastly, Lookout Mountain is perfect for adventure seekers, good hiking trails, breathtaking views, and an adrenaline rush amidst natural wonders.

Whether you’re a foodie, art lover, adventurer, or someone seeking tranquility, there’s something extraordinary waiting for you.

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