Neighborhood Spotlight #2: EAST BRAINERD

East Brainerd used to be a rural farming area which later turned into a productive suburban community. The neighborhood’s real estate upgrade provides everyone their own dream residence from cozy colonial style homes with simple gable roofing and vinyl siding to modern smart-home apartments. Families are enticed even more because of the quality of education and ardent teachers they have both in public and private schools.

Their willingness to be present clearly reflects on the events, farmers market and festivals which forges the residents to connect and share strong community spirit.  Furthermore, its central location is enriched by the sprawling Hamilton Place Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Tennessee. It has a wide array of store goods from popular brands to unique boutiques for that much deserved day of retail therapy. The selection of restaurants, on the other hand, is a diverse tapestry of flavors with options ranging from Southern comfort food to international cuisines. As the expression goes, “One bite and you just can’t get enough.

East Brainerd is more than just a neighborhood. It’s a home paradise for everyone.

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